Flying Animals

Helping is easy, it lends you wings to fly!

“Flying Animals” is the first charity media brand in the world. It’s an animated series for children that earns money for treating children with cancer. The project is grounded on the idea of easy charity, and its motto is “Helping is easy!”


The “Flying Animals” project took off in 2008: at an animation workshop with “DA” animation studio the little inpatients of St. Petersburg Oncological Hospital №31 invented animals who had wings. Those flying animals became a symbol of lightness and overcoming life’s hardships.

Initially the brand sold merchandise with pictures of winged animals drawn by children and professional artists. The income was used to fund cancer treatment.

2011 saw the launch of the Flying Animals” animated series. The project had grown to a new level, a globally appreciated series both viewable online and aired on TV, and local souvenir sales graduated into selling licenses for character use to manufacturers from all over the country.

Part of the income from any sales with the use of “Flying Animals” characters goes to the AdVita (“In the Name of Life”) Charity Fund for patients with oncological illnesses. The money is used to pay for the expensive medications, find bone marrow donors, and to buy medical equipment. Each item sold clearly displays information about the charity aspect of the purchase, and in this way “Flying Animals” are way more than famous and adorable characters, they are advocates of the idea of helping, a beacon of charity shopping.

— 3 independent animated series with Flying Animals for various target audiences: «Flying Animals», «Kids & Flying Animals», «Cars & Trucks»

— one of the Top 5 children series according to the National Animation Award

—  nominated at Annecy International Animated Film Festival (Cannes Film Festival, animation)

— aired on 12 TV channels

— millions of views on YouTube (18 million views on official Flying Animals channel, several million views on partners’ channels)

— 300 kinds of merchandise, from cookies to shoes, from toys to notebooks. Sales nationwide.

— 500 publications on various media, over 1000 social network publications annually

— music videos with real “stars”

— public events

— working on full-length animated film

— international series sales started

— the main characters of the series come from different countries

The series is about the life of the winged residents of Light country, a magic country that flies round and round the world. Years ago it was a Difficult country, with lots of social and ecological problems, but one day the country got tired of its residents ceaselessly grumbling and complaining instead of actually changing something, so the country announced that it wanted to set wings and fly. Most of the country’s citizens were appalled, so they left. The country took off, and started to fly, and it’s been flying ever since. Soon new residents came - people and animals who were not afraid of changing their lives. The country gives wings to every newcomer, but the wings can carry their weight only when they are happy and full of joy. What does and does not make us happy and what lends us wings is the key theme of the stories in the series.

The concept behind “Flying Animals” is “Helping is easy!

Firstly, the “Flying Animals” project is built on positive emotions. Helping is easy emotionally: instead of disturbing information and portraits of sick children you get cheerful cartoons and adorable characters.

Secondly, technically the act of helping for the consumer is as easy as it gets: when shopping, you buy a package that depicts the Flying Animals, and you’re already helping. As a bonus from your buy you get an extra sense of accomplishment: you’ve done something good today, and you feel good about yourself.

People have an inherent, innate need to be good, to feel that they’re doing something good. There are hundreds of ways one can be active and “good” - one can volunteer for a wildlife protection movement, make a bank transfer for those in need, sort one’s clothes and take them to a recycling facility, but there’s one thing we always lack: time. We grant people the satisfaction of being good in a way that takes no time at all.

What our partners get is not just another license to add to their pack, but unique added value, the so sought-after USP - unique selling point. The also acquire the emotional involvement of the buyer, the very thing that leads to repeat purchasing and growing sales.

The aim of the “Flying Animals” project is to make charity pleasurable, easy and accessible.

The “Flying Animals” media brand is working towards international charity franchise distribution.

This unique charity business model can be replicated in different countries.

Welcome to Light Country, it is open to all!

Nadya Fedyaevskaya



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